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GUARDIAN  National Championship July 27-30, 2015

GUARDIAN revolutionizes LAX Goalie Recruiting!

Guardian Sports recently announced the Guardian Ratings and Classification Index (GRC).  The patent-pending GRC provides you with statistical figures to compare and contrast the skill level of a lacrosse goalie.  It is the first skills-based index for the goaltender in any sport.  We’ve taken the results from the 2014 National and created a GRC index and rank for each goalie who participated.   Find out more details by reading  “A Chat With Ginny Capicchioni” from Lacrosse Playground (Feb. 22, 2015).

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BE A PART OF HISTORY! College Coach Registration Now Open! BE A PART OF HISTORY! College Coach Registration Now Open!

The mission of our event is to provide a tool to identify the current top goaltenders in the sport of lacrosse.   We expect to significantly improve the efficiency of identifying the top goaltenders with the GRC, creating measurable statistics that rate skills specific to the goalie position.

The GUARDIAN National Championship, is a “championship -tyle” goalie combine.  It is an individualistic atmosphere, where the goalie can compete against other top goalies in our PATENDED “Guardian Method.”   The best of the best, both domestically and internationally, are invited to compete for the chance to be crowned the Guardian of their age group.  The selections for this prestigious event are made by a world class selection board, where every member has coaching and/or playing experience at the professional or international level.

This event is a unique and valuable resource to college coaches as the recruitment of goaltenders is very competitive and can be difficult. There is a limit to the amount of time that can be dedicated to one particular player at a typical showcase tournament. Due to positional circumstances, short glimpses of full field game play is often not enough time to accurately evaluate goaltenders. Simply put, you are ONLY able to see how the goaltender performs within the situations that they are exposed to in that PARTICULAR half game or game. Coaches are then left with questions, such as: “how is goaltender in other situations?”; “Can the goalie handle or clear the ball in any situation”; Can the goalie perform well when not behind this particular defense?.” By creating a multitude of specific, measurable situations thru our Guardian Method of testing, we can more clearly define the capacity of both their skill set and mental threshold.

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