About the GUARDIAN National Championship



The Guardian National Championship is the vision of professional goalie Ginny Capicchioni.  Capicchioni is the first woman in North America to sign with a men’s professional team, the first woman to play in a men’s professional lacrosse game, the first American-born keeper to play in a Canadian Lacrosse National Championship, and the first woman to play for a men’s national team in any sport. Some of her teams have included, USA World Team (2011), New Jersey Storm (NLL), Adanacs (WLA), the Kentucky Stickhorses (NALL) and Baltimore Bombers (NALL). Capicchioni also owns the company, Guardian Lacrosse, which trains male and female goalies in the Tri-state area.

“For myself, there was a complete lack of specialists,” said Capicchioni, of what sparked the idea for Guardian Sports.

To that end, Capicchioni and GUARDIAN Sports zeroes in on the specific skills it takes to play in goal. What’s more, the process results in a system that grades goalies, giving NCAA coaches the ability to not only find the best goalie out there, but the best goalie to suit the needs in the system he or she runs at their particular school.

“When recruiting, most coaches only have the opportunity to see goalies over one half or one game,” said Capicchioni. “It can be very skewed. This will process provides a more complete picture.”

The test encompasses 16 tests over four components:

1) Athletic Component – 4 tests that measure speed and agility contoured to the requirements of a goaltender

2) Reactionary Component – 5 tests that measure the goaltender’s ability to save a shot on goal

3) Offensive Component – 4 tests that measure the goaltender’s ability to throw a ball and begin their team’s offensive possession.

4) Virtual Component – 3 tests that measure a goaltenders reaction time and recognition of game situations.

Significant measurements have been taken toward the test’s objectivity.  All goalies are put under the same conditions and circumstances.  The shooters in the Reactionary component are college level, and they are confined to the same stations for the duration of the test.  “You have goalies engaged in the same exact thing situations, facing the same shooters,” she said. “So it’s very objective, rather than subjective.”

The virtual component utilizes state of the art technology, including both the Batak Reaction Machine and the FitLight technology unit, which are devices that measure reaction times. The newest technology for the 2015 National Championship will be utilized in the Offensive Component.

The focus isn’t on technique or style, but on productivity. You either save it, or you don’t.  You either hit the target, or you don’t.  In the Guardian National Championship, every test, completion and shot on goal – counts.

As the program states, it’s about goalies being evaluated for the next level by the next level.  “We at Guardian Sports believe that this is the most advanced testing of goaltenders in any sport.  Additionally, we are excited to see its positive affects, both on lacrosse, and these future leaders in the game.”