Interview with Brown Commit Maggie Bigelow ’16

Interview with Brown Commit Maggie Bigelow ’16

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Interview with Brown Commit Maggie Bigelow ’16

NAME: Maggie Bigelow


Position: Goalie

Jersey #: 1

¬†HS Grad Year: †2016

Hometown: Montclair, NJ

College: †Committed to Brown University

High School: †Montclair High School

Club Team: †Tri State


Awards: Maverik Recruiting Camp Standout, 2013 Duke Camp All Star, Elite 120 Standout, Second Team All Conference 2014, First Team All League 2014


What do you consider to be your BIGGEST STRENGTH as a Goalie?

I think my biggest strength as a goalie is my quickness, with my hands while in the net and when escaping defenders out of the cage.


How/when did you decide to become a Goaltender?

I decided to be a Goaltender my first day of Lacrosse in 4th grade because it sounded really interesting. I also thought the equipment looked fun to wear.


How did your participation in GUARDIAN Training impact you as a Goaltender?

Guardian training has positively impacted my game because it is such a fast paced, exciting, and intense training program that real games and shots look slow in comparison.


What do you appreciate most about your defense?

I appreciate the speed and athleticism of my HS team defense and their ability to crash the second an attacker drives.


What is one of your favorite LAX moments? One of the worst?

One of my favorite lacrosse moments was beating West Essex 14-11 last year for the first time in our program’s history.

My least favorite was losing to Ridgewood in the semifinals of the state tournament.


Why did you choose to attend Brown University?

I chose Brown because of the amazing academic experience and the great lacrosse they play. The facilities are amazing and the coaches have great chemistry with the team.


What are your career goals?

I don’t really know yet but I would like to do something either involved with medicine or lacrosse.


What is your favorite volunteer activity?

I like helping coach the youth lacrosse in my town.


People would be surprised that you are….?

A center midfielder in field hockey!


Why do you wear the number that you do ~ any special meaning?

I wear number 1 just because it’s cool to be the first number.


Do you have any Game Day rituals?

I always listen to the same playlist and do a special handshake with one of my high school teammates.







FAVORITE DESSERT: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


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