Between the Pipes ~ Interview With Daniel MacDonald ’17 ~ 2014 GN Championship Men’s Winner

Between the Pipes ~ Interview With Daniel MacDonald ’17 ~ 2014 GN Championship Men’s Winner

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Between the Pipes ~ Interview With Daniel MacDonald ’17 ~ 2014 GN Championship Men’s Winner

NAME:  Daniel MacDonald


HIGH SCHOOL: North Attleboro (MA)

CLUB TEAM: Warrior Elite



Why …

  • Do you like playing Goalie:

There are many reasons to why I like playing goalie in lacrosse: It makes me feel like I have an important role on the team, my overall love of the game and the challenges of the position. But, my motivation and excitement to get keep getting better is the feeling of “making the save”.


What …

  • Is your biggest accomplishment to date on the field?

Winning the Guardian National Championship

  • Is your biggest dream playing lacrosse?

It has been my dream to play college lacrosse since I can remember. So, the answer to that question is “yes”!


What I like …

  • The person who influenced you the most in lacrosse:

The person who got me into lacrosse was my brother Michael MacDonald. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have started playing in the first place. I want to live up to his success as he was the captain of his high school team.

  • About the Guardian National Championship:

The Guardian National Championship works all the all the skills you need to be a good goalie and shows you what you need to do to get better. Every goalie walking out of there is better than when they walked in.


How has the Guardian National Championship …

  • Changed the way you play?

It has allowed me to play with more confidence and has given me more motivation to get better.

  • Changed the way you train?

Guardian National Championship inspired me work harder and get better as I learned a lot of new drills and techniques that have helped me to get stronger on my game.

  • Changed your approach to the recruiting process:

Winning gave me the confidence to shoot for the best I can be, and attempt to get recruited to the college that is right for me.



What I like about …

  • Being part of a team:Being a part of a team gives you a family of coaches and friends that you can trust on and off of the field. It gives you that sense of belonging and brotherhood that everyone should have.
  • Competing: The feeling of being the best you can be and how you compare with others, is one of the best parts of competing as a goalie.
  • Playing summer lacrosse: I like being with my teammates and having a good time playing lacrosse. The competition is always good and the travelling allows me to see new places. I like to visit areas where I might want to go to school.


How do you …

  • Motivate your teammates? I say motivational quotes and encourage confidence as well as coaching my teammates in off season competitions.
  • Get yourself into the “Zone”? I listen to Taylor Swift.
  • Push the tempo of a game? I go for quick breakouts as goalie. As an attackman (on my varsity team) I attack the net.
  • Slow things down in a game? I calm things down and spread the field




What I like …

  • Favorite lacrosse drill: North Attleboro shooting drill
  • Favorite lacrosse shaft: Dragonfly/Kryptolyte
  • Favorite lacrosse head: Eclipse/ Lakota
  • Favorite mesh: Throne wax mesh/ Money mesh
  • Favorite player: Brett Queener
  • Favorite teams: Boston Cannons
  • Favorite memento: Pink lacrosse shaft given to me by a friend.
  • Time of year: Spring
  • Music: Country/ Rap
  • Books: Percy Jackson series
  • Apps: Clash of Clans
  • Hobbies: Lacrosse/ Ping pong
  • Movies: Longest Yard
  • TV show: Diners Drive Ins and Dives
  • Food: Tacos
  • Dessert: Pop tarts
  • Vacation: Maine camping trips
  • Dream car: Corolla
  • Singer: Eminem
  • Favorite inspirational quote: “Don’t worry about a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be alright”- Bob Marley

Previous interview with Daniel right after winning the 2014 Guardian National Championship. (Top Lax Recruits)

Daniel MacDonald Recruiting Profile

This kid does it all! Daniel scored 19 Goals playing attack with North Attleboro H.S. This kid does it all!  Daniel scored 19 Goals playing attack with North Attleboro H.S.

Dan plays Goalie for Warrior Elite Dan plays Goalie for Warrior Elite


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