“Between the Pipes” Interview with Caroline Caputo ~ GUARDIAN, LaxManiax Club (FL) and Villanova Commit

“Between the Pipes” Interview with Caroline Caputo ~ GUARDIAN, LaxManiax Club (FL) and Villanova Commit

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“Between the Pipes” Interview with Caroline Caputo ~ GUARDIAN, LaxManiax Club (FL) and Villanova Commit

Name:  Caroline Caputo

Nickname:  Caputo

Position: Goalie

HS Grad Year:  2017

Hometown:  Gainesville, FL

College:  Committed to Villanova University

High School:  Oak Hall

Travel Team: LaxManiax

Awards:   4 Years All-Area, 1 Year Runner-Up, 4 District Championships




Do you like playing Goalie?

It’s a constantly changing position and the fact that you can make a difference in the game is an amazing feeling.


How did you decide to become a Goalie?

I actually didn’t decide to become a goalie… Ha Ha. J My high school team didn’t have a goalie, so I was put in cage and ended up loving it.


If you didnt play lacrosse, what other sport would you play?

Ever since I was little I loved playing sports. I played many, many sports over the course of my life until I found what I loved, lacrosse. So, I’d guess, I would still be searching for my sport.



Congratulations again on placing in the 2017 Womens Bracket at the inaugural Guardian National Championship. 


What did you like about the Championship?

The fact that it was so different from any camp I’ve ever done. It challenged me in new ways, which was so cool.



How has the Guardian National Championship

Changed the way you play?

It showed me the style of many different goalies. I was able to pull different techniques from people to use myself.



Changed the way you train?

It really helped me realize my weakest points of my game. So, when I came home, I was really able to focus on what I needed to improve.



As a Goalie


What is your biggest accomplishment on the field?

As a goalie keeping a level head, not getting over worked mentally, and not getting frustrated was important to me. Once I was able to stay calm in goal, I really changed my game.


How do you get yourself into the zone?

I pretty much just clear my head, and focus on the ball. I try to only think about the game at hand.


What do you consider to be your BIGGEST STRENGTH?

I’d probably say the fact that I’m able to forget about the last shot, whether or not it went in, and focus on the next one.



What are you working on?

I’m working on every aspect of my game. As a goalie, you can never be at your best, and you can always improve your game.



What do you appreciate most about your defense?

Everything, a defense can make a goalie look amazing or horrible.  I’ve always appreciated what they’ve done, and every defense I’ve ever played with have been amazing and they are a huge part of my success.


Why do you wear the number that you wear? Any special meaning?

For my high school team, when I started 22 was the only jersey that fit, and I just stuck with it.  For my club team I was just assigned 270.


Do you have any Game Day rituals?

Music, I listen to a lot of music.



As a 2017, you are already committed to Villanova.


Why did you choose Villanova?

Everything about it was an amazing fit. The location, the academics, and the program. It was a perfect fit for me.


What other schools were you considering?

Ohio State, Rollins, Denver, Duke, and some others.


 What are your career goals?

Medicine for sure, really interested in being a brain surgeon (Neurologist), but a doctor for sure.


Whos the most influential person in your life?

I probably could never pick one person because so many people have influenced my life. If I had to pick though, I’d say my older brother Luke. He’s always supported me with everything, he really taught me the game, and gave me the drive to be my best.


People would be surprised that you are.?

I was born in Denver, CO, but raised most my life in Florida.



Some of Caroline’s Favorite things…  

I love all water sports, the beach, and boating.

 Favorite Lacrosse Drill: Anything that will make me better.

Favorite lacrosse player: Mikey Meagher, a former UF goalie.

FAVORITE MOVIE: All of the Step It Up movies.


FAVORITE TV SHOW: Grey’s Anatomy

FAVORITE SONG: I have too many favorites.




FAVORITE QUOTE: “Go big, or go home”



 A Question from GUARDIAN Casey Cole


What is your favorite thing to do after winning a big game?

Take a nap.

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