“Between the Pipes” Interview with Casey Cole ~ GUARDIAN and Ridgewood High School Goalie

“Between the Pipes” Interview with Casey Cole ~ GUARDIAN and Ridgewood High School Goalie

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“Between the Pipes” Interview with Casey Cole ~ GUARDIAN and Ridgewood High School Goalie

NAME: Casey Cole



HOMETOWN: Ridgewood, NJ

HIGH SCHOOL: Ridgewood High School

CLUB TEAM: Tri-State


Why …

When did you first decide to become a Goaltender?

In 8th Grade my team needed a Goalie and when my coach realized I wasn’t afraid of the ball he started to throw me in the goal every game.






What do you consider to be your BIGGEST STRENGTH as a Goalie?

My energy.  I believe that my ability to communicate and stay positive lefts my team when we need it and pushes every player to be their best.


What are you most proud of as a Goalie?

Being that I started later than most goalies, I am very proud of myself for being able to compete at an equal or higher level than other goalies that may have started training before me.


What do you appreciate most about your defense?

Our backer. Our high pressure defense builds up the energy and our forced turnovers are very important to our game.


What is one of your favorite LAX moments? And then… one you’d like to forget?

My favorite moment would definitely be when we beat Moorestown on our home field this year.  They had an 88 game winning streak and our team ended it!

I’d like to forget losing 11-10 to Ridge last year in the Group Final.


What are your “game-day” rituals?

I have a pair of “lucky spandex” that I always wear, but other than that I try not to be superstitious.


Why do you wear # 30? Any special meaning?

For Ridgewood I chose the number 30; I wanted to be 29, like Ginny, but it was already taken, so I settled on the closest number.



How does your participation in the 2014 GUARDIAN National Championship and GUARDIAN Sports training impact you as a Goaltender?

It has made me more competitive! Being in a place with hundreds of goalies to outperform was stressful, but it pushed me to do my very best.


What has “stuck with you’ about working with GUARDIAN Sports Founder Ginny Capicchioni all these years?

Her confidence and mindset. She has taught me the most important things about being a goalie. She taught me how to keep a level head and focus on the game one goal at a time.




Who is the most influential person in your life?

My Mom. She taught me everything and is always there for me.


People would be surprised that you are….? 

In an A Capella group.  I really love singing.





FAVORITE MOVIE: The Breakfast Club


FAVORITE FAST FOOD: Chicken Fries from Burger King


FAVORITE APP?:  Instagram





 A Question from GUARDIAN Jessica G. –


If you and your team could travel to any country to play lacrosse where would you go and why?


I would go to Thailand.  I don’t know anything about the lacrosse there, if there is any, but the beaches are beautiful and I’ve always wanted to ride an elephant.

Editors Note:  Casey, you’ll be thrilled to know Thailand has an All-Star Lacrosse team!  http://thailand.laxallstars.com .  The FIL Development Committee is happy to announce that Thailand has become the 29th Full member of the FIL. Thailand lacrosse President Payu Nerngchamnong has been a tireless worker in promoting and developing lacrosse in his country and in the southeast Asia region. Thailand has taken a leadership roll in hosting international events and clinics in Bangkok over the last three years.

Good luck at try-outs! :)  





What’s your favorite thing to do after winning a big game?

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