“Between the Pipes” Interview with Taylor Suplee ~ Penn State Commit & 2014 GNC (’18) Winner

“Between the Pipes” Interview with Taylor Suplee ~ Penn State Commit & 2014 GNC (’18) Winner

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“Between the Pipes” Interview with Taylor Suplee ~ Penn State Commit & 2014 GNC (’18) Winner


NAME: Taylor Suplee




COLLEGE: Verbally committed to Penn State

HIGH SCHOOL: Bullis (Potomac)

CLUB TEAM: Maryland United Lacrosse Club 2018 East

AWARDS: UNC camp All-Star, Duke camp All-star, Maximum Exposure All-Star, Guardian National Champion Class of 2018, Brine National Classic, Nike Elite 120 ( IL players that impressed 2015 )


Why …

Do you like playing Goalie:

I love being a goalie because I get a huge adrenaline rush every time I play. And I like to have a direct impact on my team.


How did you decide to become a Goalie?

I started playing lacrosse when I was four so I started off in the midfield. When we got to about six we needed a goalie and it was kinda like a raffle on who was going in goal that day. I was never afraid of the ball so my dad threw me in goal that day and I fell in love with it.

If you didn’t play lacrosse, what other sport would you play?

Boxing/ MMA



Is your biggest accomplishment on the field?
Obviously to make saves but I think my role on the field is to make my teammates better through encouragement and communication on the defensive end

How do you get yourself into “the zone”?

I have a pregame drill that I think I invented where I bounce balls off my face mask and catch them with my right hand. I also listen to rap music.


What do you consider to be your BIGGEST STRENGTH?

My fast hands and feet.


What are you working on?

Getting quicker and more athletic so that when I get to Penn State I will be ready to contribute.


What do you appreciate most about your defense?

There overall athleticism and willingness to learn. Both My high school team and club team have defenders that always try to find ways to improve their game.


Why do you wear # 55? Any special meaning?

My club coach game me the number 55 and it just stuck. I cant see myself in a uniform with out it.



Congratulations again on winning the 2018 Womens Bracket at the inaugural Guardian National Championship. 


What did you like about the Championship?

I loved how there was a scoring system that made the results comparable across all age groups.


How has the Guardian National Championship …

Changed the way you play?

It has forced me to work on my reaction time when seeing multiple shots off of an initial save.


Changed the way you train?

I continue to use the drills I saw during the championship


What are your “game-day” rituals?

I listen to the same music, and I have to have my lucky sweat pants. I also do the same warm up with my dad.


As a 2018, you are already committed to Penn State.

Why did you choose PSU?

I love the family atmosphere of the school, the team and the coaches. I felt at home being there and the team welcomed me with open arms. I loved the fact that the town and the alumni support the school like no other. Simply put, Penn State’s overall athletic programs are top notch and I wanted to be apart of such an exciting athletic program. Additionally, a degree from Penn State is priceless.


What other schools were you considering?

Maryland, UVA, Ohio State


Who are the most influential people in your life?

My parents and siblings Mia and Sierra.


What are your career goals?

In college I want to win a national championship and after college, I would like to be on the world team.


Favorite volunteer activity?

I enjoy working with special needs children.


People would be surprised that you are….?

An aspiring football coach. When I have children, if I have boys, I will be their youth coach.





Overall  – Play with dogs, hang with friends, lax, swim, work out etc


Favorite Lacrosse Drill: 1v1s


Favorite lacrosse player: Meg Huether






FAVORITE TV SHOW: Friday Night Lights


FAVORITE SONG: “Love Your Love The Most” by Eric Church




FAVORITE APP?: Instagram




ONE WEIRD FACT ABOUT YOU: I used to play on an all guys football team.


DREAM VACATION? African Safari


FAVORITE QUOTE: “Tough times don’t last, tough people do” ~ Gregory Peck





 A Question from GUARDIAN Jamie DeWitt


What is your favorite part of the game?


My favorite part of the game is probably the game winning 8 meter shot that is up to me to save.


Give us a question for our next interview.


How do you pull yourself out of a slump?

Maryland United Goalie Taylor Suplee Maryland United Goalie Taylor Suplee


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