“Between the Pipes” – Interview w/Kady Glynn ’15 ~ 2014 GNC Winner and Loyola Commit

“Between the Pipes” – Interview w/Kady Glynn ’15 ~ 2014 GNC Winner and Loyola Commit

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“Between the Pipes”  – Interview w/Kady Glynn ’15 ~ 2014 GNC Winner and Loyola Commit

NAME Kady Glynn


CLUB TEAM: Summit High School

CLUB TEAM: Steps Elite

When …

  • Did you start playing Goalie: 

I started playing in 3rd grade because my Dad was a coach, he was also a goalie in college so I started to play goalie.
What …

  • Is your biggest accomplishment to date on the field? 

Reaching the Finals in the Tournament of Champions with my team.

  • Is your biggest dream playing lacrosse?

To play on the USA World team.
 What I like …

  • The person who influenced you the most in lacrosse: 

My Dad.

  • About the Guardian National Championship: 

I loved how it was a combine just for goalies and how it focused on all key aspects of the goalie position. 

How has the Guardian National Championship …

  • Changed the way you play?

It helped me focus on doing what ever it takes to help my team in net.

  • Changed the way you train?

It revealed many different areas of my game, where i was stronger and areas that I need to train to improve.

  • Changed your approach to the recruiting process:

I was already committed to Loyola. What I like about …

  • Being part of a team:  I have been playing sports since i was in 2nd grade and every team has been like a family to me.
  • Being a goalie: I love being able to change the momentum and how it can impact the game for my team.
  • Competing: Competition has always been a huge factor,  it pushes me to be the best that i can be and help my team.
  • Playing summer lacrosse: Playing summer lacrosse is fun because i am with all my friends.

How do you …

  • Motivate your teammates? I try to lead by example and give it everything I have.
  • Get yourself into the “Zone”?  I always blast my favorite music before my games.
  • Push the tempo of a game? Over the last couple of seasons I have worked very hard on being mobile out of the cage so I can help my team transition the ball up the field.
  • Slow things down in a game? By focusing on the ball and slowing it down in my head also by being patient and poised on my clears.

   What I like …

  • Favorite lacrosse drill: 8 Meter shots
  • Favorite lacrosse shaft:  Maverick Phoenix
  • Favorite lacrosse head:  Nemi
  • Favorite mesh:  Marc mesh
  • Favorite player:  Jen Adams & Dana Dobbie
  • Favorite teams:  Baltimore Ravens
  • Favorite memento: None
  • Time of year:  Spring
  • Music:  EDM
  • Books:  Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Apps:  Instagram
  • Hobbies: Snowboarding
  • Movies:  Scary Movie 2
  • TV show:  Pretty Little Liars
  • Food:  Mac and Chesse
  • Dessert:   Cupcakes
  • Vacation:  Wildwood, NJ
  • Dream car:  Dodge Charger Neon Green
  • Singer:  Rhianna
  • Favorite inspirational quote: “There is always a solution.”

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